Leavers Lace was born many years ago, when in 1809, in Nottingham, John Heathcoat developed the first chassis to produce the tulle. A few years later in 1813, John Leavers, by adapting the invention of Jacquard, created the first frame to produce the lace.

These huge cast iron looms dominated the world of lace until the beginning of World War II. Even today the most beautiful, and intricate lace is produced on these machines. Although they stopped building  them in the 1960s, modern adaptations of these looms continue to produce extraordinary, sophisticated laces that take their name from handmade arabesques: Valenciennes, Alencon, Chantilly, and Cluny.

In 2000 we began to produce lace on the latest generation of leavers looms by Karl Mayer, which offer a very beautiful, and modern interpretation of the "old flavor" of leavers lace.